The new Ferrari SP12 EC

Ferrari have released images of this one-off supercar, built for guitarist Eric Clapton and designed by Ferrari’s ‘One-Off Programme’ in collaboration with Pininfarina.  

The SP12 EC is inspired by the classic shape of the 512 Berlinetta Boxer which is said to be Clapton’s favourite Ferrari, he has owned three of them over the years.

The power unit in this car is a 4.5-litre V8 engine from the 458 Italia, it delivers an amazing 570bhp. This engine has already won over 30 International awards as it delivers superb vehicle dynamics with an ideal weight balance for a mid-rear engined sports car. The SP12 EC also has a 7 speed F1 dual-clutch gearbox and an E-differential, resulting in amazing performance.

The original 512 Berlinetta Boxer that inspired this project was built from 1976 to 1984, and featured a mid-mounted 12-cylinder engine. The early 512's had a two-tone paint finish, much like the 512 we currently have in stock, shown on the right. This Red/Black style has been recreated on the new SP12, as well as the BB-style door handles and air intakes, although the headlights are said to come from the Enzo.

Like the 512 the new SP12 EC features compact, aerodynamic lines, underscoring the concepts of performance-oriented efficiency. It is a truly unique car and is the latest in a line of one-off Ferraris. Another Ferrari to be created through the One-Off Programme is the P4/5, which was built for US car collector James Glickenhaus and was based on Sixties racers with Enzo mechanicals.

This Programme was set up in 2007 to create unique Ferrari’s for customers. Clients also receive the tools used to make the car, therefore ensuring that it will remain unique. Clapton is reported to have spent more than £3 million building his dream Ferrari.