The new Aston Martin Project AM310

Following the release of the One-77 and V12 Zagato at previous Villa d'Este Concorso events, Aston Martin launched the new Project AM310, a one off concept car that has graced the lakeside less than a week ago. It could be the successor to the DBS flagship car which is currently in production.

Even though there are some resemblances to the 2011 Virage, the new AM 310 is more aggressively formed. With respect to a few styling aspects it resembles the almighty One-77 supercar like the shapely flanks and enlarged side repeater vent.

While based on the familiar 'VH' chassis constructed from aluminium, there are numerous changes to bring the design up to the latest safety standards. A familiar drivetrain will also be employed; it is a transaxle gearbox.

Although Aston Martin are giving away very few details, it is suggested that the AM 310 is powered by a 6.0-liter V12 much like the DBS, and output has been raised from 510 bhp in the DBS to 573 bhp in the Project AM 310.

Aston Martin claims that 75% of the components on the AM 310 are entirely new. Visually it’s clear that there is a carbon fibre front splitter, slated Aston grilles and an integrated spoiler rather than the boot lid lip previously seen on the DBS.

The overall design is something much more dynamically efficient and sportier when compared to the traditional DB9 or Rapide.