The Ferrari 599 GTO

The 599 GTO is only the third Ferrari to carry the famous badge. The others in its wake include the 250 GTO and the 288 GTO so it’s safe to say that the 599 GTO is in good company. 

The third digit in GTO stands for 'Omologato', or homologated. That basically means that this car is a road legal version of the 599 XX track car. Therefore, it takes many elements of the 599 XX like its power unit which is a 5999cc, V12 engine that gives a constant rush of power all the way to the red-line. Combine this with a full 100kg weight reduction and you begin to realise how potent a machine the 1605kg GTO really is.

Every aspect of the car is impressively designed like the note of the engine which is measured to balance the intake sound with the exhaust for driving pleasure, in addition there is a racing intake system with a manifold diffuser similar to that of the 599XX, it looks more like a piece of art.

The brakes, transmission and exhaust system have been developed with light-weight in mind. The result is a dry weight of just 1605kg. Its aerodynamics have benefited significantly from work on the 599XX which allowed downforce to be greatly increased without impacting on drag.

This is a genuine landmark car for Ferrari, and deserves the success it has already achieved. It is also a true member of the GTO family, make no mistake.