The Bentley Continental-based Flying Star

We saw the Continental-based Flying Star at the Geneva Motor Show and since then opinions have been varied.  No one can deny the practicality of such a car, but what about looks?  

The Brits are famed for their love of all things shooting brake, so the Bentley Continental Flying Star appears to have won the British votes at least.  Apparently we weren’t alone.

Car and Driver spoke with Stuart McCullough during the launch of the Bentley Mulsanne and when asked about the possibility of a Bentley-built hatch, McCullogh said, "We have an idea in the back of our minds that we may yet bring to market."

Not quite a confirmation and perhaps a Continental-derived shooting brake will never surface. If you listen to rumours you may well believe that something based on the Mulsanne’s underpinnings could replace the Continental, if this is the case will Bentley consider other body styles?  Perhaps the shooting brake just might happen.