The 2013 Lamborghini Cabrera

Having only just launched the new flagship Lamborghini Aventador, the company has reportedly already begun extensive work on the Gallardo's successor. The Gallardo has been the most successful car produced by Lamborghini. 

French and Italian media suggest the new model to replace the Gallardo will be called the Cabrera, and will continue the tradition of a V10 engine that will be shared with the all-new Lamborghini Estoque sedan set to debut in 2014. Power is expected to be around 600-hp, with a focus on light weight design leading people to expect a carbon fibre chassis tub.

The 2013 Lamborghini Cabrera will come with a spider variant in 2014 and will most likely see other models such as Cabrera Superleggera and other limited/special editions.

According to reports, more than 50 examples of the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 that was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March have been ordered in Singapore alone. Potential customers in Singapore received an advance preview before it went on tour to Hong Kong, mainland China and Japan.

The Cabrera, named after a famous Spanish fighting bull shows a key part of Lamborghini's identity. Founder of the company Ferruccio Lamborghini visited Seville where he met a renowned breeder of Spanish fighting bulls. Lamborghini was so impressed that he decided to adopt a raging bull as the emblem for the auto company and named this car after the bulls.

The Espada, is the Spanish word for sword. The Jarama's refers to the historic bullfighting region in Spain. Urraco named after a bull breed. Lamborghini broke from tradition naming the Countach after a word used in astonishment of seeing a beautiful woman. Murciélago, the legendary bull whose life was spared by "El Lagartijo" in 1879 and the Gallardo, named for one of the five ancestral castes of the Spanish fighting bull breed.

Lamborghini have given the new Cabrera the task of taking on Ferrari’s current 458 Italia. Expect the Cabrera to have four wheel drive. Also expect the new baby Lamborghini to show up sometime next year, just in time for the 2013 model year.