The 2011 Maybach 57S and 62S facelift

In 2004, Mercedes-Benz resurrected the German luxury brand Maybach, which had its heyday in the 1920s and 1930s. The cars would be the essence of understated luxury, with powerful engines and smooth rides. This was the case when they launched the modern Maybach...this year the facelift version was born, the 2011 Maybach 57S facelift and the 2011 Maybach 62S facelift.

On the exterior, the Maybach 57 and 62 look pretty similar to the previous model although they have elevated the bonnet with a higher front upper edge making it more expressive and longer than previously.

The major changes are noticed in the interior, where nothing looks familiar. There are three new interior appointments with different leather, carpet and headlining colours, this creates an elegant, light mood. These cars get a perfume atomizer and in order to regulate the climate in the hugely spacious interior the saloons are equipped with two automatic climate control systems, one for the front section of the car and a separate second unit for the rear compartment.

The Maybach 57S and 62S come with a 12 cylinder engine that can develop up to 457h. Even though the engineers at Maybach have increased the output of the Maybach they were able to reduce the consumption figures (from 6.4 to 15.8 l/100 km) and the CO2 output (from 390 to 368 g/km CO2) at the same time. The output of the 57 and 62 models remained unchanged, but consumption (15.0 as opposed to 15.9 l/100 km) and CO2 output (350 as opposed to 383 g/km) was also cut.

If you are going to be driven, entertainment is a must, these models come with new multiformat DVD player, as an option a large high-resolution cinema screen with a 19-inch diagonal, as an alternative to the 9.5inch monitors in the rear available until now. Sound in concert-hall quality is on tap in the form of a 600-watt sound system with 21 loudspeakers from renowned hi-fi specialist BOSE.

The Maybach 57 S and 62 S models will in future be shod as standard with new 12-spoke 20-inch wheels painted in noble sterling silver. And all the models are available in the new, exclusively developed Bahamas Blue paint. The 2011 Maybach 57 facelift and the 2011 Maybach 62 facelift price list and options will be announced at a later date and will debut in Beijing.