The 2011 Indian Grand Prix

The 2011 World Champion Sebastian Vettel took his 11th victory of this season at the inaugural Indian Grand Prix this Sunday. Vettel started the race from pole position, his 13th of the season, and lead all the way through to finish with a victory. Jenson Button the McLaren driver started from fourth and finished in second place thanks to a great start and a determined drive. 

Button’s team mate Lewis Hamilton had a gritty race, he later apologised to his team for finishing seventh after a collision with the Ferrari driver Felipe Massa. The weekend got off to a bad start for Hamilton when he was demoted from second place on the grid to fifth for disregarding yellow flags in Friday practice. Then during the race on lap 24 the Ferrari hit Hamilton on the inside of a corner and the pair struck. Hamilton and Massa had already collided in four separate races this season.

After the race Hamilton said: “I didn’t really have much feeling [about the collision]. Just disappointed overall. Yet another collision with Massa and there’s only one guy I generally seem to collide with. But big apology to the team, I can’t really say much more. I just can’t apologise enough to my team for the negativity that surrounds me nowadays.”

Massa said: “My view is that I braked later than him and I was in front. I was on the grippy area as well, and then I started to turn and I didn't see him on the left – so he was behind. He touched my rear wheel. So I don't understand why I have the penalty. It’s really not understandable.”

Michael Schumacher driving for Mercedes GP took fifth place after a very strong performance after coming from 11th on the grid to beat Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg.

After the race Schumacher said: “My plan was not to use any KERS during the first two corners and just save it all for the long straight. It worked out perfectly well and in the important moment I was there and caught the positions. There was no need to run too close to Nico, it will destroy your tyres, so I just drove [at] my pace. The guys I’m working with, we have a lot of experience altogether and it was nice to sort out the car in particular for the race and have a nice balance.”

Adrian Sutil took ninth for Force India at their home race.  Sergio Perez in the Salber managed to get a single point, although the Toro Rosso team has moved ahead in the championship standings.