Porsche Cayman S celebrates 2 million Porsche Facebook fans

Last February Porsche received one million Facebook fans. A year later the German car manufactures managed to top the two million mark. To commemorate this landmark achievement they have created a very special Cayman S with a unique livery.  

Drawing inspiration from the colour scheme used on the 917 K, which won the company’s first overall Le Mans victory, the base colour is white and on top they have placed a picture of all two million fans on the car. It is very probable that many of the people reading this article will have their image on the Cayman in question.

The images are tinted red, due to the original colours of the Porsche 917 K. The livery was chosen by Porsche’s Facebook fans as their favourite racing colour scheme of all time.

The Cayman is on show at an exhibit in the Porsche museum based in Stuttgart from January 27, alongside the 911 GT3 R Hybrid adorned with the names of some 27,000 Facebook fans.

The Porsche museum is extremely impressive and if you decide to go and visit your image on the car you can use a microsite that gives a 360-degree view with a search and zoom function, hopefully you're not under the exhaust system. You can download the photo and save it as wallpaper so you can prove to all of your friends that your face really is on a new Porsche.

As of today Porsche has 2,242,102 fans and this number is fast growing thanks to the great reputation among car enthusiasts. Go the Facebook page of Porsche today and search for your face.