New 2013 Range Rover sold out in the US

The New York Daily News reported that the new 2013 Range Rover is totally sold out in the US market with huge demand out stripping supply. Range Rover also announced that their latest model is sold out for the next 6-months in the US with most orders coming from New York City. 

Chris Marchand, the president of Jaguar Land Rover North America said: We are asking for as many vehicles as we can get. Buyers are finding that because demand is so high, re-sale premiums for owners are at a record high.

The enthusiasm for the brand in the US is helped in part by the massive celebrity culture surrounding Range Rover. Its the choice car of Petra Ecclestone, Jessica Simpson, Jeremy Piven, Eva Longoria in fact the list is endless but lets just say it ranges from Queen Elisabeth to Rap Star 50 Cent (who have little in common except for their love of the car).

This reminds us of when Victoria Beckham was asked to design a limited edition Range Rover Evoque. In total just 200 were made and cost around £80,000. Land Rover sold all of the cars to the super-rich of Communist China after the Beijing Auto Show.

Victoria said: It was a great honour. I wanted to design a car that I want to drive and that David would want to drive. I want a car that reflects my personality and I am really proud of it.

In the limited edition Victoria Beckham Evoque there was a bespoke four-piece leather luggage set, with her name on each of the zipper handles.  New interior trim materials include gloss black lacquers and veneers, textured aluminium and soft-feel black paint.

So there you have it, the latest Range Rover is designed for off-road handling but with a real emphasis on style. We currently have a new 2013 shape car in stock so take a quick look.