Ferrari Makes Big Changes to its Current Range

The Ferrari management have decided to set-up plans to produce a range of new cars to revitalize its already booming product line. These plans include a new 458 Scuderia, a replacement to the 599 GTB and a hypercar to replace the Enzo. 


The first of these new Ferrari’s will be the long-awaited 458 Spider, the convertible version of the 458 Italia with a folding hard-top. The 458 Spider may get the same 570 horsepower, 4.5-liter V-8 found in the hard-top.

The 458 Scuderia planned for 2013 will borrow a number of elements from the 458 Challenge race car. This comes after massive success with the 458, which won “Best Performance Engine”. The last Scuderia model was the Ferrari F430 Scuderia which was one of the best track day cars produced by the factory.

The next all-new Ferrari will be the successor to the 599, expected at the Geneva motor show in 2012. Like our stunning example currently in stock the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano will be a two-seat coupe, with a front-mounted direct-injection V12 driving the rear wheels.

In 2013 Ferrari are expected to launch a face-lifted version of the California, this model will be quicker than the regular 458 Italia although hold a very similar 4.5 litre V8 engine.

When future historians reflect upon what car best defined the early 21st century, the Ferrari Enzo may be it, this will make the job of replacing it very hard. Ferrari are currently building the successor to the Enzo and it is reportedly being called the F70 within Ferrari.

The car will be a carbonfibre, powered by a naturally aspirated V12. The Enzo Ferrari carries the name of the company founder and has its coachwork done by Pininfarina. We at William Loughran are very proud to currently have one of the few Black Enzo’s available for sale on the worldwide market.

Ferrari has recently finished a drive across China in two 612 Scaglietti as well as continued race work with the FXX. All of this and their Formula 1 work where Fernando Alonso currently has 145 points and is 4th ahead of his team mate Felipe Massa who has 70 points.

We at William Loughran commend Ferrari for their continued development and the quality of their products. We also wish Alonso and Massa continued success in the fight against the Red Bulls.