Celebrating the most powerful Ferrari V8 to date

Michael Schumacher, arguably the greatest racing driver of all time, transformed the Ferrari Formula One team from pit-lane joke to a formidable force. He took five consecutive Championship wins and an astounding ninety-one victories. Apart from racing Schumacher had other duties, he was an ambassador for road safety, a face for sponsors, a mentor and a development driver for Ferrari road cars. 

In the 2006 Formula One season where Shumi took 12 podium finishes out of 18 starts he and the team set out to develop a ground-breaking Ferrari road car. This car would emulate his driving style and the greatest stills of the factory, the car was unveiled at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show and was named the F430 Scudería.

Serving as the successor to the Challenge Stradale, the 430 Scuderia was built as the lighter and more powerful version of the standard F430 coupe. It has a V8 engine and was named after its engine displacement of 4.3 litres. The semi-automatic transmission known as "Superfast2", gave a shift-time of around 60 milliseconds. The traction control system combines the electronic differential which is directly taken from F1 technology.

Aimed to compete with cars like the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, the Scuderia was engineers to be both a usable road car and a mighty track car. Ferrari claims that around the Fiorano test Circuit, it is faster than the almighty Ferrari Enzo.

When the Scuderia came out of production in 2009, the factory wanted to make sure that this model had the send-off it deserved. Schumacher was asked to sign the last one to leave the Factory gates and the car was honoured with a letter from the Ferrari management and a plaque. We are delighted to currently have this actual car which is arguably the best Ferrari F430 Scuderia on the worldwide market.

Michael Schumacher had a profound influence in the development of this Ferrari in the golden age of the Schumi/Ferrari partnership. This model will always be the last production Ferrari he developed as a Scuderia driver and our example will be the last ever to leave the factory.