Aston Martin's 'On Ice' driving experience

We might consider the snow and ice an inconvenience but Aston Martin have other ideas as they send their most modern fleet to St. Moritz, Switzerland. Their annual driving event ‘on ice’ takes place at the 5 star Kempinski Hotel and the lineup includes the DBS, Rapide, V12, V8 Vantage and the DB9. 

Powerful V8 or V12 engines and slippery conditions make for a dangerous mix, but all of these cars are fitted with winter tyres and sophisticated electronic safety systems. This allows the UK based company to offer an extraordinary experience for their clients as they can learn from professional instructors and tackle the icy conditions. One of these professional instructors is Andy Gülden, the Nürburgring’s Chief Driving Academy Instructor.

One of the most popular cars on offer is the DBS. This front-engined V12 became Aston’s flagship model, and at the time the most powerful in their history until the birth of the One-77. With its classic grille and elegant, muscular body the DBS is aerodynamically efficient and powerful to ensures a direct driving experience with high-speed stability on snow or ice.

Another elegant and powerful long distance cruiser which is available to clients is the 2013 DB9. The convertible version of the DB9 named the ‘Volante’ is the 13th convertible from Aston Martin, joining a prestigious line-up that includes the DB4, DB5, DB6 and DB7.

So far customers from Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Canada and even Singapore have come to the Swiss ski resort to attend the event. The event is growing larger each year, so is the number of cars on offer.

It started in February two years ago and prices per person are EUR 3,200 which includes a deluxe single room, breakfast, a champagne reception, Swiss Style Dinner, shuttle transfer service within St. Moritz, drivers’ briefing, ON ICE experience, car insurance and hospitality throughout the day. All of a sudden the snow doesn’t seem too much of a problem right?