2012 Ferrari 458 Mansory 'Monaco Edition'

Mansory is known for offering extravagant performance and upgrade packages to production cars. Their latest product is a new take on the 458 Spider, built for the principality. Only three examples of this 458 will be sold, which is similar to the Siracusa 458 revealed at the Geneva show earlier this year.  

The standard engine found in both the Italia and Spider is a mid-rear mounted V8 that was a fresh design from the Ferrari factory. This power unit has been upgraded as there is a reprogrammed Electronic Control Unit, as well as a Sports Air Filer and Sport Exhaust which roughly increases BHP to 590.

The chassis which was developed by Ferrari to be 15% more rigid compared to the F430 has been improved once again. New shock absorbers and lowering springs have been added to give the car a lower ride-height. The Monaco Edition now sits on new forged alloy wheels and Michelin PS2 tyres.

The bodywork is all light weight carbon fibre and consists of a restyled front apron that is very similar to the Ferrari Enzo. There are new air inlets for the front coolers and side skirts with integrated ducts to feed even more cooling air to the engine.

At the back the new rear skirt is an integrated diffuser made from carbon blades helps to produce downforce and save weight. This new styling system houses suitably large exhaust tailpipes.

The interior pays homage to the Monaco National colours of Red and White as the leather and Alcantara is trimmed in the two colours with a diamond theme.

This new car has an “aggressive look” as the designers described. They say it should “make the pulses of convertible fans beat faster.” With 60kg weight saving from all that carbon, the 0-62mph time drops to 3.2sec and a 7 mph higher over sped has been achieved.