2012 Ferrari 458 Italia China Special Edition

To celebrate the two decades that it has been selling its cars in China, Ferrari have commissioned a special edition 458 Italia only destined for China and there will be just 20 units built. 

The first Ferrari to arrive in China 20 years ago was a 348 TS sold to a Beijing-based customer and it must have caused a storm in the Communist state.

This special edition Italia is finished in a bespoke colour called Marco Polo Red, which was created specifically. It also has gold Alloy Wheels and golden aeroelastic winglets. The prancing horse badge is complemented by a golden dragon on the bonnet, which is offset by gold and black livery stripes symbolising a racing track.

Ferrari say: “The inspiration for the livery came from the longma theme, which is an old Chinese idiom that means the vigour and spirit of the legendary dragon-horse.”

This special edition 458 has a very distinct interior with gold needlework on the headrests. Each unit will also receive a "20th Anniversary Special Edition" plaque on the dash. Ferrari simplifies Chinese characters on the start button as a finishing touch.

Under the bonnet the familiar naturally aspirated V8 is used. This mid-rear mounted V8 has won over 30 international awards, including “Best Performance Engine”. The note sounds amazing with the upshifts through the double-clutch gearbox which is smooth and effortless. The Ferrari 458 Italia delivers superb vehicle dynamics with an ideal weight balance. Evolved electronic control systems guarantee maximum performance in all driving conditions.

The Chinese edition will be unveiled at Ferrari’s new exhibition centre at the Italia Centre of Shanghai World Expo Park. The 900 square metre display will be around for three years and will feature some of the best collections from the Maranello Museum.